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Content ManagementCollaborate and share content

Protect your business information and make it easier to find on any device. Implement enterprise archival and retrieval. Deploy it on-premise, in the cloud – or via a hybrid architecture.

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Case ManagementStreamline business processes

Make content processes consistent and give decision makers the insight they need to resolve cases more effectively. Ensure access to vital information that leads to better-informed decisions.

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Document Capture & ImagingCapture, store and manage content

Content when and where it's needed. Quickly capture content from paper and digital documents with automated data extraction and near real-time digitization to improve productivity and accelerate business processes.

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Content Management

IBM® FileNet Content Manager (P8)Secure content management

Manage your organization's content and documents. The scalable software offers lifecycle management, transactional content processing, document management, content consolidation, content based application development and compliance and governance. Gain secure, mobile, anytime access across your content stores to support your business processes.

IBM® Content Foundation (ICF)Improve control of existing content

Provides full content lifecycle and document management capabilities. Delivers a fast, cost-effective solution for improved control of existing and new types of content. Provides superior scalability, security, stability, mobility and cross-platform ECM capabilities. Supports rapid deployment and is suitable for small to large companies. It is available for on-premise, in the cloud or hybrid deployment.

IBM®Content Manager (CM8)Handle content to run your business

Easily handle the enterprise content that is required to run your business and support critical decisions. Centrally provisioned and secure and scalable. Addresses full content management and work?ow requirements for all content types. Supports Windows, AIX, Linux, Linux on System z and z/OS.

IBM® Content Manager Enterprise Edition (Cloud)Access documents on the go

Designed for all content types, it offers a centrally-provisioned and secure environment. With available box integration, external content sharing with business partners and customers is easy. Creates a seamless user experience across all devices. Delivered on IBM Cloud as a managed service hosted on a virtual private environment configured for your workload.

IBM® Content Manager OnDemand (CMOD)Create a 360-degree view of your customer

Capture and store high volumes of documents including XML data sets, outbound statements and internal production reports. Offers powerful search and fast retrieval options with a web client solution for multiple browsers, mobile devices and desktop environments. Automates and optimizes storage management, serves as a platform for electronic invoicing and payment solutions and improves customer service and retention.

IBM® Content Navigator (CN)Transform how you access content

Enhance your business processes, improve productivity and increase customer engagement by transforming how content is accessed, delivered and presented. A powerful, easy-to-use interface, it delivers trusted data quickly, no matter the content location or data source. Enables secure, easy-to-integrate, custom applications development and delivers a consistent experience on any device.

Case Management

IBM® Case ManagerCustomized case management

Enhances your capacity to resolve complex cases by providing persistent access to information, workflow, tasks and analytics. Empowers your case workers to make complex, real-time decisions based on constantly changing information with an interface that delivers a seamless and consistent experience. Discovers hard to find correlations and critical insights buried in unstructured data. Integration with third-party cloud applications provides a superior ability to collaborate.

IBM® Case Manager (Cloud)The right content when you need it

A solution platform for all content-related work. It includes the software, infrastructure and IT management services to help people achieve better business outcomes by delivering the right content at the right time to make the right decision.

IBM® Case FoundationLink content to workflow

Harness unstructured information and integrate it with business processes to drive critical business decisions. Create, manage and optimize case-based processes and decrease development costs, while significantly improving process performance. Link specific pieces of content with a structured workflow. An on-ramp for organizations that choose to move from document-centric workflow solutions to the advanced capabilities of IBM Case Manager.

Document Capture & Imaging

IBM® DatacapMulti-channel capture

Supports multiple-channel capture by processing paper documents on scanners, mobile devices, multi-function peripherals and fax. It uses natural language processing, text analytics and machine learning technologies, like those in IBM Watson, to automatically identify, classify and extract content from unstructured or variable documents. Reduce labor and paper costs while delivering meaningful information to support faster decision-making.

IBM® Datacap MobileMobile image capture

Enhances Datacap image capture through a streamlined, mobile user interface for Android or iOS devices – and enables your mobile device to capture and index content from anywhere at any time.

IBM® Datacap MClaimsImproves claims processing

Datacap Taskmaster Medical Claims Capture (MClaims) is a preconfigured Taskmaster application specially designed to automate data entry of CMS 1500 and UB-04 medical claims. There are validation features, unique to claims, that assure that data is accurate and complete, including CPT code and diagnostic code comparisons, provider number lookups, and business rule enforcement. After all claim data is extracted and validated, MClaims passes data to adjudication systems in HIPAA-compliant 837 EDI format and indexed images to Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems for secure storage and retrieval.

IBM® Datacap (Cloud)Rich capture and recognition

IBM Datacap on Cloud provides all of the rich capture, recognition and classification capabilities of Datacap in a managed services cloud environment. It helps you capitalize on the agility and cost-effectiveness of image capture in the cloud.

IBM® Datacap Insight EditionCognitive capture for complex tasks

Identify, classify and extract content from unstructured or highly variable documents without manual intervention. Uses natural language processing, text analytics and machine learning technologies, like those in IBM Watson. Applies cognitive capture to complex tasks, and significantly reduces labor and paper costs, delivers meaningful information, and improves the responsiveness of customer service.

IBM® Datacap APTEnhances accounts payable processing

IBM Datacap Accounts Payable Capture (APT) is a preconfigured Taskmaster application specially designed to enable user data entry of invoices and other unstructured back office documents. Features a unique set of strategies for automating accounts payable processes, including identifying vendors, locating data on variable layouts, line item capture, multiple page invoices, and setting up new invoice layouts on the fly, with no programming required. There are validation features unique to accounts payables that assure that data is accurate and complete, including math calculations and business rule enforcement. A new feature called Purchase Order Line Item Reconciliation (POLR) enables easy comparison between invoice and purchase order to streamline the three-way match downstream in the approval process.

IBM® Production Imaging EditionHighly scalable imaging solution

Manages the entire document image lifecycle. Combines capture, imaging and automation to help reduce costs, and scales processes from departmental use up to tens of thousands of users. Integrates IBM Document Capture and Imaging software, such as Datacap and FileNet Content Manager, provides a flexible document-centric workflow, and offers an advanced viewing interface in a single platform.

Kofax Portfolio of ProductsCapture, digitize and transform documents

- Kofax Capture™
A document capture platform that turns paper and electronic documents into usable information for your business systems and processes.

- Kofax Analytics for Capture™
Provides predefined dashboards and metrics for deeper insight and visibility into document processing, related workflows and the performance of your capture solution.

- Kofax Mobile Capture Platform™
Turns your mobile devices into information capture devices, optimizes images and provides insight via analytics dashboards.

- Kofax Transformation™
Automates the understanding of documents and the data they contain, converting them into useful, electronic business information.

- Kofax TotalAgility™
Transforms and simplifies information-rich interactions via a robust digital transformation platform.

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