Gain New Levels of Insight & Value

See how IntegrityFirst Solutions unleashed new sources of valuable data for this large telecom company

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Unlock additional value from your documents

Let IntegrityFirst Solution's experts implement a cognitive document capture system that combines natural language processing, machine learning, advanced imaging and rules to extract additional insight from your business documents.

Cognitive Document CaptureTap the value of your organization's content

A large telecom company that deals with hundreds of thousands of images of contracts was looking for a way to improve the viability of searching these images for specific information. They called upon IntegrityFirst Solutions to apply the cognitive capture capabilities of Datacap to capture, add context and search these contracts for information that was previously unavailable. This project proved the practical value of Datacap cognitive capture and paved the way for transforming images of documents throughout the enterprise into sources of valuable information and insight.


Transformed thousands of scanned images throughout the organization into sources of additional information and insight.